Awareness-raising PNES T-shirt

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Every time you order one of these products, you support Epilepsy Free through your generous donations which helps us continue to be able to give out summer camp and continuing education scholarships for persons living with seizure disorders.  This is a very necessary service and without your support, we cannot continue helping these very deserving children and adults.

Below you will find beautiful items that are lovely and useful gifts to give to a friend or for yourself.

Please note that donation amounts are merely suggested amounts and help us continue to help children and adults with seizure disorders.

Please note that some of the hand-made products may differ in color or pattern from those seen in these images.  Because they are hand-made there can be individual differences.

Awareness-raising PNES T-shirt

Awareness-raising PNES T-shirt

The backside of the T-shirt educates by listing important bullet point information about psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES).  Click on the images below to read the educational bullet points that can be found on the back.

Suggested Donation: $25

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