Matthew L.

Matthew L.

Dear Dr. Lancman, Ms. Lee, and the Members of Epilepsy Free:

Thank you very much for awarding me an Epilepsy Free Scholarship again in 2016. This scholarship is very much appreciated and will be used to help me graduate from the University of Pittsburgh this year.

I am enclosing the completed Information Release Form as well as a recent picture of myself. This picture was taken this past spring as I headed to my interview for a summer internship with the Battery Park City Authority in Manhattan. I received the internship and have been interning there since May. The building I work in is in the background.   I will try and   arrange to send you this picture in digital form via email.

My college experience has been largely about learning how to work with my epilepsy. I am entering my senior year at the University of Pittsburgh.   I was diagnosed with Absence   Seizure Epilepsy rather late, in my sophomore year of high school. Because of my epilepsy, I focused on attending a school in a city so that I could rely on mass transportation.   I am majoring   in Urban Studies and am committed to being employed and self-sufficient. Because my epilepsy limits my ability to drive, I expect that living in a city with mass transportation will be necessary.   In part because of this, I have developed a keen interest in cities and transportation and switched my favor to Urban Studies with a focus in Urban administration. I am fortunate to have found something that I like and can do and believe that earning my college degree is an important prerequisite to employment in this area.

Although I had to take a year off after my freshman year while epileptologists tried to determine a medicine regimen that was effective, once I returned to Pitt I was named to the Dean’s List for the Spring 2015 semester. During the summer of 2016 I had the good fortune to Intern with the Battery Park City Authority. Hopefully , this will be a positive step towards employment after graduation.

Matt Levine

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